My name is Greg Wall , I started Wall Hand Made knives about 9 years ago .   The first 5 years I worked as a part time knife maker. 4  years ago I started as a full time knife maker . I will try to keep my turn around times less them 14 weeks on most order .

If you don't see the knife you want , just ask . I do take on custom orders too. 2018 will be a great year

I will be tring to make a few of the larger knife shows and I have a few guys that will be Wall Handmade knife dealers at other gun and knife shows. So we hope this year will be a very blessed year . We have add more Loveless style knives and also Brend style knives to . Email me for show dates

and check my facebook page out . It has tons of up todate pictures of the knives I make .


It took me about a year to get my shop and tooling in place. I have been making  knives now for about 5 years.  Like a lot of makers I havebeen making knives most of my life . The first one was when I was about 12 years old . I still have that one around somewhere.


I made some knives in the 80's and sold them mostly to family and friends .  Over the years I have always had a dream to make knives and sell them.  Things and times have changed alot from the 80's. I have been blessed with a love of making knives and I think it shows. I have been selling my knives on ebay for the last 4 years and now think its time to get my own web site up and show the world my knives.

I love to make the Randall style knives. I have them all over the world now and my dream of making knives is coming true.

I free grind my knife blades and do my own heat treating. I treat the blade to a rockwell hardness of about 60 - 62. I use 01 tool steel for 100% of my knives.  It takes a edge and hold it well and can be resharpen in the field  with ease. My blades are all 1/4" thick and I use stock removed and satin finish all my blades.

Greg Wall